Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Discussion Chain...

If you took the time to look through the power point attached to the email, it was made by the Hope House, the first faith based home for domestic minor victims of sex trafficking in NC. One of our Jubilee members is head out there for a few months, please say some prayers for Rachel.

I have a ton of presentations available, additional links and websites that I could share with videos, facts, figures, scriptures, music, Let me know if you want more info. But I know you could spend hours searching this on the internet yourself as well.

Also, on Sunday night I got to go to the kick off Rally for the Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk that I was telling you guys about. I am more excited about the possibilities for the money and awareness raised through these efforts now as ever. I am hoping that you guys can help me come up or follow through with some creative fundraising strategies.

The funding raised through SCTNOW will go to fund special operations teams on the ground who are former Navy Seals, Army high ups, FBI, etc. They will be looking to bust rings of trafficking and be gathering the needed information for these cases to get prosecuted. From talking with a lot of the guys, this method seems to be something that you all could get behind and really see as a need for helping combat this problem.

At the same time, I don't want to gloss over the fact that we opened up a great conversation about our views of sex, what contributes to our sinful natures, and the honesty of dealing with these in our relationships with our spouses, friends, and internal workings of the soul. I have been pretty much on the verge of tears, if not full out crying for days because I have once again been reminded about how far away we all are from what I believe God intended for us. I have a ton of hope and am thankful for healing, but it just pisses me off when I can't seem to escape it, just turn on the tv or radio. I am affected more than I would like to admit and I would say that most of you would admit that as well. Thank you for being people that can share in helping to create a ripple affect for our healing.

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