Thursday, July 26, 2007

Introduction to James

Well, we've been discussing James for the past 3 teaching gatherings and it seems to be very relevant to many in our community, hopefully more than many actually, but I digress.

When we first discussed James as a potential book to study as a group, I guess I figured I had seen this information before and we could all learn some, make some observations, apply it to our lives in some way. Well, my first teaching involved a discussion on how we are to have Joy in Trials and I began to see how this book is a bit more difficult than I originally thought. Lots of conflict between our human emotion and spiritual understanding, lots of thoughts that rub us the wrong way, lots of themes that I still don't understand. The topic of trials is difficult, a common theme we wrestle with God over. How can He allow bad things to happen? How are we to view the most horrific events in our life? How do react to those around us who are experiencing trials? Can I find consistent Joy in my life while allowing myself to feel various emotions?


Blog Debut

Hello All,
I hope this blog can become a place of discussion for our home group and whomever else chooses to chime in. I realize debate can sometimes lead to frustration, but I really hope we can have meaningful and sometimes conflicting conversation without it leading to impaired relationships. It is tough to "win" a debate, especially when talking about topics so close to the heart which involve lots of introspection. So, you can make your point known, but realize you may not "convince" somebody you're right. And that's cool, maybe you give them something to think about, maybe they give you something to think about.

FYI - If you always think you're right, you're probably not.

Basically, if we can't communicate to each other with grace and understanding, we're going to have quite a difficult time communicating with those around us as well. And I think we can get our points across without being inconsiderate (or using complete sentences and correct spelling in my case).

FYI - If your comment starts with "No offense but......" you're about to offend somebody (thanks for that quip Jim Rome)

So, here we go, enjoy, and come to flying saucer tonight.