Friday, February 6, 2009

We all have stories

Last night we had a great conversation. One of the many things that I took away was that we all have stories. Each and everyone of us, those sitting at 807 Edenton St. every Thursday night and those who would never venture to step a foot inside with a group of Christians.

We talked about not wanting to be seen and at the same time so desperately wanting to be seen. I wonder if this is a paradox that most face on some level? My guess is 'yes'.

Two clues give this away to me... Post Secret and the 25 random things about me that has been going around face book recently... we want to share and we want to know, but we aren't sure how others are going to respond because somewhere deep down we feel alone or that our story will shock others or turn away friends and family.

This can still go on, or we can do something about it. My suggestion is that we start sharing our stories... What is yours? Mine will be on the first comment (in abridged form). Maybe sharing our stories will free us up to engage with others, go as Jesus did and heal as he healed...