Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mudcats game on Saturday!!

If any of you are Mudcats fans...or even if you aren't, there's someone very special singing the National Anthem at this Saturday's game!! Our very own Kendal Quinn is singing the National Anthem!

I think we all need to team together and ask Kendal for a sneak preview tomorrow night at home group! :)

p.s. that's Kendal and his brother

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thoughts on Home Group Mission/Outreach Change

Most of you probably heard of the new format of missions/outreach within our homegroup. For all who did not, we have decided that our missions/outreach activities will not be geared towards thursday nights anymore (other home groups have already made this decision, and we decided it was a good idea). We will continue to meet every thursday night, but will be adding a few more worship and guy/girl nights (or something else) in the place of our thursday night missions work.

Now, obviously this does not mean we have had a change of heart and no longer desire to have this as a part of our community, instead, we will be moving towards activities that do not necessarily center around one particular night of the week. Through this, we hope to investigate what it means for us to live missional lives both as a community and as individuals. Surely living a missional life involves more than one thursday night a month.......